How to encourage the young kids to be curious right in our own backyard

Nathaniel is seen brushing his slippers in this picture.

Every parent should know that their young kids need places and time to explore for the reason that they’re learning best through direct, first hand experiences with the people and objects in the world around them. However, we must as well be careful to ensure that their safety is not sacrificed. Parents need to be supervising for the safety limits of their kids because their curiosity could also lead them into danger.

Young children are so curious in such a way that they would use all of their senses in developing security and confidence as they wonder, explore, discover, and gain knowledge for themselves right in their own backyard or nearby park. Such a concrete learning is a vital foundation for future abstract, symbolic (pencil and paper) learning in books and school.

A child’s curiosity could be spurred or triggered through a variety of experiences indoors and out, whether at home, in the community, or anywhere else. We could take our kids to the nearest zoo, children’s museum, children’s park, or even on a hike at a local forest park. Children may also find the following places to be fun and interesting: TV station, lumberyard, bakery, construction site, airport, factory, and so on.

Introduce the child to the proper use of a magnifying glass as this would help him or her in observing objects in more detail. When we take our child to a garden of flowers, right in our own backyard, and to ask him or her if he or she ever really looked inside a flower is to give him or her such a chance of looking and seeing what’s inside the bud. And it’s all because of your interest.

There are lots of ways in which we could encourage curiosity in our children wherever they are and may be, beginning from such a simple observation and explanation of ordinary things to the more complex ones. Our children would learn a lot from us as much as we would from them. But, as parents, we should learn to take initiatives. We should be making the first move on what could be good for our children.

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