A Prayer for World Peace and Healing

Lord, heal our land. Make us all but instruments of your peace.

In our deepest, darkest moments, a prayer serves as the source of our strength, joy, hope, and love. We’re living in a very cruel, evil world now. When you try to look around, or watch in the news, killings seem to be just an ordinary thing for some people.

People are being killed just like dogs, or birds. There’s blood in our streets. More hatred. More vengeance. More violence. Human life has become less or not respected at all.

As a writer, I feel privileged to share this prayer I made to all of you, and especially for all of us. May God bless us all. Here’s the prayer:

Almighty Father, creator of Heaven and Earth and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who delivered His own people from slavery and oppression in the land of Goshen in ancient Egypt. The God whom Moses received the Ten Commandments inscribed upon a pair of stone tablets.

We thank you for everything, especially that of your great gift of human life. But would you let us come to know you more and to witness to your goodness as a loving Father who, in every circumstance, gives us what is good?

We ask for your mercy and compassion especially in these much troubled times that we have come to experience. Send us your mighty angels to protect us, our loved ones, children, families, relatives, friends, and all those who walk in the paths of righteousness and worship your name, like a hen covering her chicks under her wings.

Grant us peace and guide us with your Light in such a way that we would never lose sight of you. Shower us your love so that our hearts would be as pure as what you want them to be. Give us courage to continue doing the things that glorify your name.

Heal our land. Make us all but instruments of your peace by becoming transformative agents in conflict management, reconciliation, and healing. Be it may that, through us, we inspire others as well to become peace-makers, protectors of the sanctity of human life, minorities, the upholding of the rule of law, and mutual respect and understanding.

May we all live in free societies and that may each one of us learns to renounce hatred and seek to build bonds of understanding and friendship in this a fractured world that we live in.

May our leaders be enlightened on the importance of the Fifth Commandment, which unequivocally forbids the taking of human life, from the moment of conception to natural death and it should be treated with utmost respect and love.

We ask this through your son Jesus, our savior.


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