Help your kids develop confidence without overpressuring them

Make your child feel that you care for him by recognizing how he’s grown and learned over a particular thing.

Without self-confidence, your child is most likely to fail in a sense that it is considered an essential ingredient for all aspects of your child’s healthy development. It is also such a key ingredient in which school success may be gauged or determined. But how would you be able to help your children develop confidence without the so much, sometimes unnecessary pressure imposed upon them?

You may try the following tips, hoping these may work out well for you.


Be the person you want to see in your child. Teach him resilience by being resilient yourself. You have to remember that, no matter how hard you try, no one succeeds at everything all the time.

There would be failures, setbacks, criticisms, hurts, and so on. Use these things as a learning stage for him. Offer solutions, and encourage your child about him doing better next time. Because when he does succeed, after a failure or a series of failures, he would take pride of his accomplishments.


When you find out that your child is passionate about something, support him for it. Respect and encourage his personal interests, yes, even if you don’t find them interesting at all. Supporting him, however, does not mean you’re giving him free reign to do it even to the point when it’s already interfering with his other responsibilities like personal care or schoolwork.


Make your child feel that you care for him by recognizing how he’s grown and learned over a particular thing. Take note of his accomplishments and assure him that you’re always there to guide and to help.


This would explain everything. It’s probably the most important thing you could give your child. When your child feels accepted and loved, it builds a very strong foundation for confidence. You don’t need to be a perfect parent at all, and who is? But your unconditional love would make up for all the imperfections.

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