Why smiling is good for a child

My four-year-old son flashes one of his most beautiful smiles.

Smile is one of the world’s most powerful gestures. It is the symbol that should be rated with the highest emotional content. It impacts our brain, health, and outlook on life—for all the positive reasons.

Smiling could do a lot of good things to a child. We parents must be aware of the fact that a simple smile could make our baby feel safe and secure. By simply smiling at our baby, we’re helping him boost his brain development.

When we’re smiling at a child, it helps in playing a part in bonding and attachment, making him feel secure and safe, as well as allowing him to develop the ability on learning about the world around him and within him. A child would be reading our face and to use our facial expressions as a guide to the world of his own. We must know that when our child gets lots of smiles, it could tell him a lot about his world. It’s when he’s in a secure place feeling safe, and that people around him are responding well to his needs.

It is important to note that, for the most part, smiles are the first building blocks for healthy relationships. And we must know, too, that when the relationships are healthy, they are crucial for our child’s early development. It is through these relationships that a child learns how to think, communicate, understand, interact, express, and show emotions.

To give and to receive smiles are the first steps a child is taking in order to learn how to be social as well as in having good relationships with everyone. Of course, not every single response parents are giving is vital, but the more often parents smile at their child, the better, as each smile a child sees from his parents sends a great message. We should remember that no act of smiling, no matter what the situation is, is ever wasted.

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