Seven Things Our Kids Should Remember Most About Us

Just when the cam clicked for the shot, he turned his head away.

Whether we realize it or not, we’re always given a chance to make a memory at every moment. We’re more than capable of creating good and bad memories every single day. It’s all up to us.

Sure, we all have regrets and disappointments. We all have moments of despair, of hopelessness, and brokenness. We all feel like, at some point in our lives, there’s no way out of the impending doom we’re in and creating.

We tend to stress about things that shouldn’t matter all that much in the first place. And, by doing so, we forgot about our important role as parents. Our children’s sole purpose is to replace us.

Life is short and our time with our sons and daughters is going to go by fast. We have to make the most of every minute and create the kind of legacy that’s enduring, even long after we’re gone. There’s a great need for us parents to focus on things that matter, for what’s important.

It’s never too late to make an unforgettable impact with every minute we have with our kids. The following are seven things our kids should remember most about us:

  1. The way we treat their mother or father. Our children have a way of forming their views of love in large part through how we treat our husband or wife. We must show them how to get entangled in a marriage or relationship that makes them feel encouraged or excited to get married someday.
  1. The way we love them unconditionally. Our sons and daughters may not remember every kiss or hug, but they remember hugs and kisses. They may not remember every “we love you” or “we care for you” but they would sure recall that they were loved and that they heard us say it.
  1. The way we encouraged them. Our kids would be basing their sense of identity, capability, and even self-worth, for the most part, upon the words we speak to them especially in those formative years of their lives. Sure, it’s part of our job as parents to correct our kids, guide, discipline them, but even in correction, the words we must have said should be such that encourage, positively reinforce, and carry the message of love to them.
  1. The times we made them feel safe and secure. Our children would be remembering those moments we chased the monsters under their bed or held them after a nightmare, but they would as well remember the times when our temper became the monster they feared. They’re probably going to see us angry sometimes, because that’s part of life, but we must never forget that it’s our mission to make them feel safe and secure at all times when they’re with us.
  1. The way we love ourselves. How we take care of ourselves matter. Our children pick up on our self-esteem, our confidence, and our attitudes toward our spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. They’re going to model their own self-acceptance, and confidence based on the example we set before them.
  1. The times we gave them our undivided attention. Our children are going to measure love primarily by our attentiveness to them. The times we stop what we’re doing to have spent such a quality time with them would be memories etched into their minds and hearts forever. We should be taking time to do the little things with our sons and daughters because, in the end, they would be the moments that matter most.
  1. The way we handle tough situations. Our kids would look up to us for guidance because they’re navigating a world that they are unsure of. Stressful situations of all sorts could expose us in a way that such could place our character under scrutiny. It is when horrible things happen and hard times roll through that our kids would be remembering most of the way we’ve spoken to them, how we handled and reacted to such things, and how we made them feel safe and protected throughout.

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