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No matter how much you’re going to move heaven and earth to become the ideal parent your children deserve, it is advisable to also include in your perspective that no single method of parenting is the best. Parenting can be defined in many ways and for a lot of reasons. In my case, becoming a father for the first time is about getting the chance to discover my own self through my son.

Fatherhood is the vehicle in which I had to answer questions on how a child should be raised. I am not a perfectionist parent, but rather someone who helps my own son putting success and failure in their proper perspective. I had to make sure my son understands why admitting my own flaws, when I had to, as a parent should not be perceived as catastrophes.

New experiences offer you the opportunity to learn while making mistakes. The fear of failure is often the reason why the perfectionist ones have to avoid trying something new. In their minds, imperfection is failure.

This is why I had to disprove such a wrong concept about failures and the many issues most parents are encountering while raising their kids by providing them with a platform that encourage personal transformation through the articles I’ve written in this website and more. ABOUT

Achieving a healthy relationship with your child is, in the first place, to resolve the issues originating from your own childhood. That is why, in my case, I have always considered my son as the illuminator of my own darkness. And the whole time I’m learning a lot from him. I feel privileged to be able to share them to all of you here.


As He Grows Up: Memoirs Of A Father And Son is a personal collection of thoughts about my experiences as a father to a son and the many things I would be learning in the process. This life-long relationship I had with him opened my eyes to a new window of understanding and where I can fully appreciate fatherhood with all its joys, sacrifices, and responsibilities.

Nathaniel is my firstborn and only child with my wife, Leah. I am going to update this status the moment we get another one to arrive. He just turned three years old when I started this project but I will still make posts covering his day one in this planet and on.

It will find me taking notes of the lessons learned along the way as well as to document memories we have shared together as he grows up. To become a part of his developmental processes as a person in this mutual learning we both undergo, is a feat worth rewarding.


I hope to create an awareness through what this sharing may actually convey so that all the dads out there, like myself, will come to cherish and help proclaim the joys as well as to shed some light on one of the most important jobs in the world. Fatherhood is, indeed, a gift that comes with love, responsibility, and understanding.

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Honesty, humility and patience are three invaluable attributes in parenthood. Thank you for the comments on my blog, Napoleon. Enjoy every day with your children, even the bad ones; they grow up so fast. I’m a grandfather now and that’s scary but fun, too, just in a different way.


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