Five simple ways to make a happy child

We should make them feel like the world is still a beautiful place in which to live, in spite of everything.

All parents just want their children to be happy. But not only that, we also want them to grow up into the best person that they could be. But the big question is: “How much control do we have over our children’s happiness and success for that matter?”

What makes a happy child? What makes him become successful in his chosen field and in life? What could we do to increase the odds that our children would have been achieving these things?

We may try these five simple ways to make happy and successful children:

Help them feel connected. The keyword is “connectedness.” We must make them feel they are loved, acknowledged, understood, and wanted. We must make them feel they are important to us. We must show them unconditional love.

Hug them. Kiss them. Respond with empathy to their cries. Be with them, eat with them, and laugh with them. The more connections we’re making our children with, the better.

We must not be too cynical. We should curb our cynicism. When we’re cynical about just everything, it could take a huge toll on our children’s sense of security, which is considered a crucial component of happiness. Instead, we should make them feel like the world is still a beautiful place in which to live, in spite of everything.

Don’t grant them their every wish and desire. We must focus on our children’s long-term happiness by not putting them in a bubble and grant their every wish and desire. Normally, kids would have their own ways of interpreting for what they grow to expect which the real world doesn’t always work that way.

We should allow our kids to develop such coping skills and resilience they would need to bounce back from life’s inevitable setbacks. We should help them learn in dealing with negative emotions.

Help them find their passion and praise them for it. We should be exposing our kids to a wide range of experiences to see what appeals to them. We should help them develop their ability to totally immerse themselves in an activity they love as that would give them a leg up on happiness throughout their lives.

Make mealtime a positive experience from an early age. When we’re eating with our kids together in a round table, it is important to make sure we raise positive topics to discuss with them. It is through such time when we’re eating healthily, under pleasant, unhurried conditions that would make us feel better in both body and spirit.


Giving our kids the right food could mean preventing them from acquiring the wrong kind of energy

A healthy child, indeed, is a happy child.

Obesity in children has become a global pandemic. This may be the direct result of poor lifestyles our kids are leading to have which could translate into more serious health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease earlier than they usually be.

Food additives, and sodium benzoate, according to a study, could affect the behavior of our children. Sodium benzoate is a preservative found in many sodas and fruit drinks and has been linked to cell damage and to an increased risk for cancer. The study indicated that children who consumed drinks containing additives, by which to include sodium benzoate and food coloring found in commercially available drinks, are said to be displaying significantly more hyperactive behavior and shorter attention spans.

The old adage that says “you are what you eat” is true enough, at least, serving as a warning that we should be careful about what goes onto our children’s plates. Many children, according to a survey, are eating less nutritious foods, and shows that if it’s not a lack of good food, the problem could be an excess of the wrong food:

  • Kids who eat no fruit and few vegetables.
  • Mostly of these kids are overweight.
  • Their calcium and iron intake are inadequate.
  • These kids often eat take-out and commercial snack foods.

Parents should be correcting such a kind of problem now, if this was the case with their kids, to achieve better health for their children beginning from childhood, to teenage years, and up until they reach adulthood. Children should be encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a better diet each day with:

  • An extra glass of milk and fruit juices.
  • Skipping the soft drinks, salty chips, and fried foods.
  • An extra serving of vegetables.
  • One more piece of fresh fruit.
  • One more glass of clean water.
  • An extra serving of rice, pasta, or noodles.